How to File Infringement Reports on Amazon with Ease

August 19, 2017

How to File Infringement Reports on Amazon with EaseWhen selling an item, it is not only important to take the necessary steps to get the product on the market and into the hands of the consumer, but to protect the integrity of that product. It is essential to have the ability to track those retailers who carry and sell your product, as well as the advertised pricing for that product.

Let’s discuss how to file an infringement report on Amazon. The reporting process is meant to protect holders of intellectual property owners against third parties that choose to present fraudulent products disguised as genuine entities.

It is important to remember a product purchased on Amazon will be the genuine thing, but it may have been purchased and resold in an attempt to undermine the legitimate owner.

To facilitate the report and resolution process, it is important to document and provide all the necessary information. It is also necessary to utilize the appropriate reporting format. There is a form for sellers and a form for buyers. Using the incorrect form will delay the process.

Provide the Necessary Information

Information necessary for the report includes the product title, detail page and the ASIN/ISBN for the item in question; the name of the seller along with the business or store name being reported; the ID for that order and a concise explanation of the violation. There is a separate reporting form for buyers and sellers. Amazon will only process infringement reports for the owner or agent for the product.

Let’s Begin the Process

The reporting forms are online for the convenience of the product owner and if the product owner simply signs into their account with the appropriate email address, some of the required information can be auto populated into the form. It is not necessary to sign in to your account to report a product infringement. It just helps with adding some of the standard information.

Continue the Report

There will be a field of questions that are necessary to fill in. The information needs to be precise and correct. The information required is the allegation of the infringement, whether the person filing the report is the rightful owner of agent, what the complaint pertains to, the specific concern and the name of the brand. There is also space to add any additional information that might be important to the report. The report will also need the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) or the URL for each product being reported.

The report must also contain the seller’s name and address including zip code and country of residence, telephone number and email address.

Information that is incomplete or incorrect will only result in a delay in the reporting and investigation process.


The last piece of the report is to attest to statements that the information provided is true and correct and the product owner or authorized agent has provided the information. By accepting the statements as true and correct the report filer attests to being the rightful owner or an authorized agent and has read and accepts the statements as being true.

Up to 50 products with the same specific concerns can be included on one form. If there are multiple products with different concerns, each concern must be reported on separate reports.

The Investigation

Once the report is submitted, it is thoroughly investigated. If you are not the owner of the intellectual property in question the investigation team will not be able to process the report through this reporting form.

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