Amazing Features

With consistent monitoring, you’ll be informed the minute an unauthorized seller lists a product on your brand’s ASIN

Dashboard that allows you to view all sellers that are currently active on monitored ASINs

  • The power to classify sellers as Authorized or Unauthorized
  • Track MAP Pricing Violations
  • Get Positive or Negative feedback Alerts

  • Generate, send, and track highly effective attorney-crafted Cease and Desist letters
  • Follow-up on counterfeiters and unauthorized seller by generating and tracking test purchases*
  • File infringement reports on Amazon with ease*

Other Features

Once you have signed up for a Brandlox™ account you will be able to input a list of Amazon ASINs you would like to monitor. Once in the system our software will monitor these ASINs on a regular basis and notify you via your account dashboard or email when a new seller appears.

From there you will be able to login to your Brandlox™ dashboard view the new sellers on an ASIN by ASIN or seller basis and decide whether you would like to mark them as authorized or unauthorized.

Now that you have a full picture of any unauthorized sellers that are currently mismatching your brand's product ASINs, you can use the Brandlox™ software to generate, send and track highly effective attorney crafted Cease and Desist letters.

Last but not least, in the case of a stubborn unauthorized seller, Brandlox™ software will walk you through all of the necessary steps to file infringement reports with Amazon. You can begin the process of filing these Amazon reports with the confidence that you have taken all necessary steps to have your claim taken seriously and acted upon quickly.

Issuing an attorney-crafted Cease and Desist letter will often be the final step you need to take to remove unauthorized sellers from your brand's product ASINs. When the unauthorized seller persists after receiving the Cease and Desist demand, the Brandlox™ system can generate and track test purchases. Test purchases are required for receiving assistance from Amazon in combatting unauthorized sellers. Once you have completed the test purchase process, you will be armed with the evidence Amazon requires to remove a seller that is not willing to remove themselves.

Brandlox is in Beta.
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