How to Protect Your Trademarked Brand on Amazon

May 31, 2017

The Amazon marketplace offers both businesses and individuals an opportunity to present products to a global audience at a low cost. For many vendors, this has been a make-or-break resource when it comes to product release and presentation. The numerous advantages, however, can hide dangers that end up nullifying all of the benefits Amazon has to offer. While this online venue offers entrepreneurs a chance to increase sales, it also allows counterfeiters and brand thieves to profit from your product. Amazon doesn’t offer protection from these threats. Brandlox, however, now offers monitoring and protection that works specifically with your Amazon-listed trademarked brand.

Amazon Interaction

Every product listed on Amazon is assigned an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). While this number aids in product tracking, it can also be used by thieves to receive financial credit for your products. On Amazon’s own seller site, the thread topic “1000s of Counterfeit Items Attached to our Brand Registered ASIN numbers” provides a scary portrait of the current problem. This thread lists multiple stories from vendors who found out that there product was selling, but they weren’t receiving the profit. Many of these instances involved theft from foreign entities, making financial recovery almost impossible. The cost of recovering a loss from a foreign entity that has hijacked your ASIN can sometimes be just as costly as the loss itself.
The best way to protect your profits from this threat is by using Brandlox software. Brandlox works specifically with Amazon-listed products by monitoring ASINs and alerting vendors when their profits are threatened. No other software currently interacts with Amazon in this way to provide protection for every single product with an ASIN.

Convenient Trademark Monitoring

Because the Amazon market never closes, monitoring your trademarked brand is a 24-hour job. Brandlox software provides every resource needed to protect your product against product theft, and it accomplishes this important task from something as small as a handheld mobile device. When an outside entity tries to manipulate your product’s ASIN, an alert is sent to this device. Brandlox further assists by providing resources to generate a Cease and Desist Order to protect your brand from further trademark infringement.

Unlike insurance, which only provides protection after a loss has already occurred, Brandlox provides protection at the front gates of Amazon where your profits are most vulnerable to trademark brand theft. This software contains the only method of immediate notification directly to Amazon vendors whose financial stability is under attack. Multiple trademarks on all of your brand products can be protected, as Brandlox software has the ability to monitor more than 2,000 ASINs.

Other Brand Resources

While protection is the most important characteristic of Brandlox, the software also allows the monitoring of vendors who have been authorized to use your product’s ASIN. This allows Brandlox users to access current information on their Amazon listing. It can also provide a picture of how your product is being handled by the authorized vendors.

Brandlox also allows vendors to test purchase processes so they can be confident that profit from any future sells will end up in the right hands. Our packages start as low as $29 per month. Begin protecting your trademarked brand today. For more questions, contact 866-882-8484 for online customer assistance.

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