What’s the Best Amazon Brand Protection and Monitoring Tool?

September 04, 2017

Preventing Your Private Label from Online ThievesIf watching the news lately has proven anything, it’s that the world doesn’t quite yet have a grasp on cyber security. From politics to business, information that can be accessed online faces a dangerous vulnerability. The same can be said about sellers who offer products on Amazon. While Amazon offers a cyber venue to increase product distribution and profitability, it also opens sellers up to product theft and counterfeiting. Brandlox, a virtual security gate to protect your profit, is the only software specifically designed to monitor unauthorized use while it is offered on Amazon.

How Brandlox Works

It’s not easy to build a brand, so only the best protection and monitoring tools should be trusted when it comes to securing it.


When businesses or individuals sell a product on Amazon, it is assigned an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). This number can be hijacked by those who want to counterfeit the product, or receive financial gain for the actual product being offered. Brandlox monitors each product’s ASIN and alerts the seller about unauthorized use. This makes Brandlox perfect for any seller that wants to monitor at least 15 ASINs. Every package offered by Brandlox allows a seller to monitor up to 100 ASINs. This way, a seller can protect multiple brands and products.

What Else Can Brandlox Offer?

Sometimes, just knowing that your product is being counterfeited and that your profits are being stolen simply isn’t enough. Action is required to stop individuals from financially benefiting from your product. Brandlox provides the tools to create and generate a legal Cease and Desist Order that can be delivered to Amazon’s unauthorized user. This can help save on some of the costly legal fees that may be needed to protect your product. If there are sellers who are authorized to sell your product, they can also be monitored. This allows for greater flexibility when planning for production or creating a marketing plan. It is important to know how your product is being presented, and Brandlox allows you to do just that.


Brandlox provides options by offering three different packages to suit any person or company selling a product on Amazon. Every package allows a person selling a product on Amazon to identify unauthorized sellers, receive immediate alerts when new sellers join, and monitor all of your products ASINs. Brandlox won’t cut into profits either, as all of these features are offered for as low as $29 per month. One of the most convenient aspects of Brandlox protection, however, is that all of its tools can be accessed by something as small as a handheld wireless device.


Getting the most out of your product on Amazon requires the best brand protection and monitoring tools. Brandlox is currently the only product that works specifically within the Amazon venue to protect and monitor your profits and your product. You can start protecting your Amazon interests today by visiting Brandlox online, or call 866-882-8484. You can also e-mail questions today!


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