How to Stop Unauthorized Sellers on Amazon from Hijacking Your ASIN Listings

June 22, 2017

Amazon can provide an excellent resource to sellers who want to increase their product’s visibility and their company’s profits. Unfortunately, many sellers have found out the hard way that online selling can actually cause more damage to their profits than it can help.

In the cyber age, a thief doesn’t need to physically possess your product to steal your profits. Instead, they can now just as easily hijack your Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) to receive credit for your sale. ASINs can be counterfeited and manipulated so that when a buyer purchases your product, the wrong party receives the profit. If the hijacker offers your product for even a fraction less than what you intended, then you can lose the “One-Click” option, which is an Amazon feature known to boost sales revenue.

Amazon’s Answer

In response to the unprecedented loss of online sales due to counterfeiting and ASIN hijacking, Amazon answered its latest security guard by unleashing Brand Registry 2.0. According to testimonials from many who have used this resource, the registry makes it easier for Amazon to determine if you are the correct seller. But, is this enough?

How much profit can a business or seller lose before Amazon determines the correct seller? According to other testimonials involving the registry program, the loss can literally destroy the future of a business. Entrepreneurs who have chosen Amazon as the sole online resource to unleash their products have been hijacked and left with a loss.

What Can Protect Me on Amazon?

A new software program, Brandlox, was specifically designed to secure products listed on Amazon. It works by monitoring the product’s ASIN, the place where it is most vulnerable to counterfeiting and hijacking. The Brandlox software recognizes unauthorized use of a product’s ASIN, and immediately sends an alert to the correct seller advising of this infringement.

The alert can be received from almost any handheld device that has online access. Since many businesses use third-party sellers to distribute its products, there may be some concern that Brandlox will send out continuous alerts when these sellers utilize Amazon. This, though, is not the case. Brandlox actually distinguishes between those who are authorized to sell your product and those who are stealing your profits.

Other Supplemental Features

Receiving immediate alerts to fraudulent activity is beneficial, but after this activity is noticed, action still needs to be taken. Many thieves will continue to take as much profit as possible until they see a tangible deterrent. Brandlox provides resources to complete, generate and send a legal Cease and Desist Order directly to the source of the threat. If you want a real guarantee that profits will end up in the right hands, Brandlox allows you to test purchase one of your products so that you can physically see the purchase path.
Brandlox software offers the only product and profit protection needed for the Amazon marketplace. For more information about Brandlox, visit, or e-mail if you have any questions. For further concerns, contact a live customer service representative at (866) 882-8484 today!


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