How to Monitor Your Amazon ASINs Daily for Fraudulent Use

May 24, 2017

How to Monitor Your Amazon ASINs Daily for Fraudulent UseThe Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is a vendor’s lifeline to all of their Amazon-listed products. For every new product a merchant introduces to this online marketplace, a new ASIN is assigned. Unfortunately, these ASINs can be counterfeited by other individuals who make profits off of selling your products. The only way to prevent this fraudulent activity is by constantly monitoring your product’s ASINs for unauthorized use. This can be a daunting task, especially when some vendors are responsible for hundreds or even thousands of ASINs. It is, however, a necessary step when it comes to protecting your brand integrity and profits.

How to Monitor an ASIN

Convenience and efficiency is important in monitoring your product’s ASIN, and there is currently only one company providing a convenient way to effortlessly monitor more than 2,000 ASINs. Brandlox, a software designed specifically for Amazon-listed products, monitors for unauthorized use of a product’s ASIN and alerts vendors when fraudulent activity occurs. All of this monitoring can be done from most handheld mobile devices. Since Amazon never closes, using Brandlox is the only way to efficiently monitor all of your ASINs at all times. After you’ve begun implementing the software, daily monitoring of your ASINs requires little effort.

Why Monitor My Product’s ASIN Every Day?

Since Amazon is open every day, there is no way to take a day off when it comes to monitoring and protecting your brand and profit. Amazon does offer some avenues to pursue when unauthorized use is reported, but typically a lot of damage has already been done by the time the issue is noticed and reported. Since Brandlox provides an immediate alert when an ASIN is compromised, much of the damage of counterfeiting can be minimized. Even while you rest, Brandlox continues to crawl your ASIN for fraudulence. The software also provides resources to generate and send a legal Cease and Desist Order when fraudulent activity occurs. This is a process that can cost hundreds of dollars when this type of resource isn’t available.

Does Brandlox Just Check for Unauthorized Use?

While daily monitoring for unauthorized use is crucial when it comes to keeping your profit, Brandlox realizes there other areas that require monitoring. Monitoring your authorized third-party vendors can be just as important when it comes to brand protection. Having this ability allows vendors to make sure their products are being presented in the correct manner and sold at the right price. If there is ever any insecurity about whether or not a sell from your product will go to you, Brandlox offers a test purchase system to provide evidence of the profit path.

Heavy Resources for a Light Cost

Brandlox offers packages that begin at $29 per month. Each provides around-the-clock monitoring and security for your ASINs and alerts you when unauthorized activity occurs. If you decide that Brandlox isn’t right for your Amazon-listed product, you have the ability to cancel at any time without any penalty. The only way to lose is by not using Brandlox to protect your ASIN. Your profits are too important, and also way to vulnerable on any online venue.
Begin protecting your product today with Brandlox and rest well while all of your ASINs remain monitored. For more information, visit or call (866) 882-8484 to speak to a customer service representative.

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