Negative Effects of Counterfeit and Fake Sellers on Your Amazon ASIN Listings

May 22, 2017

What's the Best Amazon Brand Protection and Monitoring ToolSuccess story upon success story can be found about how vendors have used Amazon’s global marketplace to launch their products in a way that could not have been accomplished on any other venue. While these success stories are both true and encouraging to those who are considering this same process, they hide an often-overlooked threat when it comes to listing products on Amazon. 

Beware Online Sellers!

Listing your product on Amazon can open the profits of those sales to theft. Now, many success stories are coupled with stories from vendors about losing money from purchases off of their products. These stories also involve theft from individuals all over the globe, so taking action can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive. Brandlox, a software designed to monitor your Amazon-listed product and alert you to misuse, is currently the only security that provides this type of protection. Amazon does not currently offer any monitoring of misuse or provide any resources to stop it.

Product Display

Amazon assigns every product an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). When counterfeiters hijack this number, not only are your profits affected, but how your products are displayed on Amazon is also affected. The “Buy Now with one-click opportunity” has been proven to increase sales. If someone uses your product’s ASIN and sales it for less, you could lose this advantage. Without this label on your Amazon-listed product, you have the potential to lose thousands of sales. Brandlox is the only software that specifically targets a product’s ASIN. When this ASIN is being misused, the vendor is immediately alerted. Keeping your product displayed on Amazon with all of its advantages is important to maximize your sells and keep profits with you.

Profit Loss

It goes without saying that fake sellers and counterfeiters are going to dip into your profits. When you look at how that profit loss can begin to stack with just one counterfeiter, however, the results are far more devastating than just the loss of a sale. You may find yourself in a position where you have to totally forfeit your chances of profiting off your own product, or begin an expensive legal endeavor that may not yield your desired result. Brandlox provides vendors with the resources to both generate and deliver a legal Cease and Desist Order to prevent further infringement on your brand or sale.

Name Recognition

Public relations firms make a living on building a positive image for a brand name. Once a name is tarnished, it can be timely and expensive to build it back up in a positive light. Brandlox allows you to not only monitor multiple ASINs for unauthorized use, you can also monitor those who are authorized to use your product’s ASIN. This is the only way to guarantee that your product and your brand name are being used in a manner that you are satisfied with.
Monitoring multiple ASINs in an online market that never closes can be a daunting task. Try Brandlox and immediately begin protecting your product’s ASIN from counterfeiting and theft. Packages start as low as $29 per month and can be cancelled at any time without penalty. For more information, call 866-882-8484 to speak with a customer service representative.


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