Best Strategy to Fight Amazon Counterfeiters Costing Legitimate Sellers Tons of Money

July 19, 2017

3 Things You Should Do Before You Sell on AmazonLooking for the best way to fight ASIN counterfeiting and profit loss on Amazon? Amazon has become a convenient, yet dangerous, way of releasing a seller’s product to the online marketplace. While it allows for the reach of greater audiences without past geographical boundaries, it can make it difficult to protect your brand and your profits. Counterfeiters use the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), which is assigned to every product listed on Amazon to hijack the profit from your sales.

Oftentimes, the product is offered at a slightly lower price, which takes the original seller out of the “buy now with one click opportunity.” These are just a couple of examples of how thieves can manipulate the cyber market, making it more of a risk to use venues like Amazon.

Amazon’s Security

Amazon is currently attempting to compensate for its lack of security with its new Brand Registry 2.0. As it relates to product security, users have said the brand registry makes it easier to prove to Amazon that their products or brands actually belong to them. In other words, a seller has to go to Amazon after their brand or ASIN has already been counterfeited. By this point in time, a seller may have already suffered heavy losses. It’s likely that sellers won’t know their products are compromised, until a significant loss is noted.

Working the Front Gate

Brandlox, a software that specifically works with a product’s ASIN to provide security for Amazon listings, is the only security for this online market that starts working at the front gate. The instant an ASIN is compromised due to counterfeiting or fraudulent use, Brandlox immediately sends an alert to the seller. The product or brand owner doesn’t have to wait until a significant loss occurs before they are aware of the threat.

Brandlox doesn’t confuse legitimate third-party sellers with those who are out to take your profit. This software allows you to list every seller who is authorized to list the product’s ASIN, so you won’t be constantly alerted to those you permit to sell your products. If for some reason a product’s ASIN is compromised, Brandlox has the resources to generate and send a legal Cease and Desist Order to whomever is threatening your product or brand.

Test Your Money

If any uncertainty exists regarding the payment path from your product’s sell, Brandlox will provide you with a peace of mind with its purchase test tool. This resource allows you to perform a mock purchase of your product so that you can physically see the profit going to the correct source.

While investing in software that monitors up to 2,000 may seem like it would be expensive, Brandlox’s packages start as low as $29. Each package has the ability to monitor each product’s ASIN, alert you to threats on something as small as a handheld mobile device and allow you to test purchase all of your products.

Brandlox also allows you to test its service as well, offering a 10-day free trial on all of our packages. There is no penalty to cancel our services if you’re ever dissatisfied.
Begin protecting your product on Amazon today with Brandlox software. For more information on Brandlox, visit our official website or email us with questions. If you need to speak to a customer service representative, call 866-882-8484 or contact us online today.

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