How to Implement Brand Protection on Amazon Against Unauthorized Sellers

July 27, 2017

The benefits of using Amazon Marketplace to release your brand’s products or services are too numerous to list. Amazon Marketplace provides sellers with the opportunity to exponentially increase their profits. Because of the multitude of benefits offered by Amazon Marketplace, it can be easy to overlook the many dangers involved with selling items on this site. While seeking larger profits, a large number of sellers on Amazon Marketplace have fallen victim to thieves and counterfeits. Amazon gives each product listed on its site an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), which unfortunately also provides computer-savvy thieves with the keys to unlock profits from sellers’ products. Thieves can tap into this number to receive profits from a business’ sales or simply offer the products at lower prices. Whenever this occurs, sellers have the potential to lose some of the resources provided by Amazon, such as the Buy-With-One-Click option.

Amazon’s Existing Security

Due to continuous reports of theft and counterfeiting from sellers, Amazon has received many requests to upgrade its security in order to protect the products being sold there. Amazon responded by releasing its Brand Registry 2.0, which allows sellers to register their brands with the company, making it easier to identify product ownership and stop brand counterfeiting. Sellers have found this helpful, once they have discovered their brand or product has been infringed upon; however, these things are typically discovered alongside a substantial loss. If Amazon had a way to immediately alert sellers the moment a product’s ASIN was compromised, it would greatly reduce the amount of damage inflicted on a seller’s bottom line. While Amazon doesn’t yet have this resource, a product does exist that works specifically with Amazon-listed products to secure against ASIN infringement.

The Brandlox Option

Brandlox, the No. 1 software used by Amazon sellers to protect their brands and product names, provides immediate alerts to laptops and other mobile devices when an unauthorized seller infringes on an ASIN.

The software allows those who list products on Amazon to enter authorized sellers. The alert comes when someone not on this list attempts to use a product’s ASIN. This also allows the original seller to distinguish between third-party sellers who are authorized to use an ASIN and those who are simply out to steal profits. Most importantly, the software allows a seller to actively monitor the ASINs at any time of day without interruption.

Other Brandlox Features

Some thieves aren’t deterred when they are caught, especially in the cyber world. Unlike in the past, shining a spotlight on them and their illicit activities won’t necessarily cause them to scurry away. Sometimes, tools are needed to send a stronger message to deter those who profit off someone else’s brand name. Brandlox provides the resources to produce and generate a legal Cease and Desist Order to the offending party. The software also allows you to physically remove any unauthorized people who associate themselves with your Amazon-listed product. If any Brandlox users ever doubt whether or not the software is currently protecting their product, tools are provided that allow sellers to test purchase their product to verify the correct payment path.

An Economic Option

Brandlox can monitor between 100 and 2,000 ASINs, and packages start at $29 per month. Each package offers a 10-day free trial, and there is never any penalty to cancel. The biggest savings, though, come from securing your profits on Amazon. Start using Brandlox today to begin protecting your brands, products and profits on Amazon.

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