How Amazon Sellers Can Protect Their Products and ASINs from Counterfeiters and Unauthorized Sellers

March 17, 2017

Offering your business or personal products on Amazon can be financially rewarding. Unfortunately, it can also open you or your business up to counterfeiters and thieves. Every product you sell online must be protected against those who will try to make their own profit by counterfeiting your idea or service. Brandlox, which offers protection for your featured Amazon product, has stepped up to help those defend against perpetrators who would unethically profit from your product.


Amazon assigns every seller an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). Brandlox allows you to track that ASIN so you can monitor your products and be alerted to any unauthorized user. If an unauthorized seller or counterfeiter is identified, Brandlox has resources to assist you with filing a Cease and Desist Order to deter any further unauthorized use. Although one of the main features of Brandlox is the security against unauthorized use, it also provides a benefit for authorized users.

Brandlox also allows you to monitor those you have authorized to use your ASIN so you can keep track of the sellers you want at the times you need.

Financial Flexibility

Brandlox offers three different options to fit anyone from a beginning seller to a veteran business. The starter package allows you to monitor up to 100 ASINs, while the Plus package includes the ability to generate a Cease and Desist Order. The Premium package offered by Brandlox is an expanded version of all the previously mentioned features. All of Brandlox’s packages send out security alerts for unauthorized users and can be canceled at any time for no additional fee. No additional equipment is needed to purchase, as Brandlox can be conveniently utilized on something as small as a cellular phone. Brandlox provides both the financial and personal flexibility needed to carry out business in online environments such as Amazon.


With growing concerns about cyber security, protecting your profit starts with being able to offer your product without the threat of theft. Every time an unauthorized person uses your ASIN to sell a product, they are taking that sell away from you and affecting your bottom line in a very negative way. Brandlox is the security gate between your product and potential thieves. The best investment a business can make is one that provides the peace of mind of being able to offer its products on Amazon and be paid for its hard work. Brandlox is currently the only product today that specifically protects those who use Amazon to sell their products.


 Offering Financial Product Security

While Amazon offers a venue for sellers to showcase their products, it does not offer online loss protection. If you use Amazon to sell your products, protect yourself, your business, and your ASIN by visiting the Brandlox website or simply e-mail us. Customers interested in protecting their brands online should sign up here.

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