Amazon Brand Registry to Protect Your ASINs from Unauthorized and Fake Sellers

April 15, 2017

Since its inception, Amazon has become the Wild West of the online marketplace. While it has provided many opportunities for those who want to display and sell their products, it has also provided opportunities for thieves to profit off of products that aren’t theirs. Unlawful users have targeted a product’s Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) in order to gain profit from another seller. When an unauthorized user counterfeits an ASIN, they can sell your product for less and end up with all of the profit.

Amazon Takes Action

Amazon has taken some measures to help vendors have more safety and control for their products on its online market, one being its brand registry. Amazon’s brand registry started with allowing merchants who produce and sell their own brands to have more control over their products’ image display and brand description. This, however, did not address unlawful users who target third-party vendors. Amazon recently expanded its brand registry capabilities by removing counterfeiters. A merchant who is enrolled in the brand registry program can hit a “report violations” button when unauthorized use is observed.

Why It’s Not Enough

Violations cannot be reported until they are noticed. Since Amazon is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week, monitoring all of your products’ ASINs can be overwhelming. By the time many of these violations are noticed, the damage has already been done. Sells have been made that have not been credited to you. Even when it is reported, some type of action has to be taken to prevent further misuse. Also, since Amazon is changing its brand registry program, it is currently not accepting any new applications for enrollment. This leaves many new vendors without protection.

What Else Can You Do?

At this time, there is only one product that specifically monitors ASINs and alerts vendors to unauthorized use. Brandlox, a software designed for Amazon-listed product protection, has all of the resources a vendor needs to stay ahead of counterfeiters and profit thieves. The software can monitor more than 2,000 ASINs and send an alert to a handheld mobile device immediately. Adding Brandlox for your product protection provides a front-gate method of attacking the large issue of ASIN counterfeiting. Instead of waiting until you notice misuse, Brandlox alerts you to misuse so that you can be proactive in keeping your brand safe. If needed, the Brandlox software will help you generate and send a legal Cease and Desist Order to the counterfeiter.

What Else Can Brandlox Do?

If you are a merchant who produces your own brand, it is important to have as much control over your brand as possible. This was one of the original purposes of the Amazon Brand Registry. Brandlox goes a step further by also allowing you to monitor any third-party vendors who you authorize to sell your product. This allows you to monitor how your product is being presented. You can also test purchase your product so that you can get a visual guarantee that your profits will stay with you.
While Amazon is taking steps to improve its security with its brand registry, Brandlox already has the resources to immediately begin protecting your profits. Contact Brandlox today at for more information, or call 866-882-8484 and speak to a customer service representative about packages that start as low as $29 per month with no obligation.

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