Why You Should Be Monitoring Your Amazon Brand, Products, and ASINs Daily

June 19, 2017

How to Monitor Your Brand or Your Product’s ASIN

Have Your Amazon Sales Dropped? Find Out WhyReleasing a product can feel like a final step in the long process of getting an item from the production floor to the store shelf. In today’s market, entrepreneurs need neither an outside place to produce their product nor a storefront to display it for sale. Online markets such as Amazon can reach global consumers who, in the past, were out of reach due to geographical restrictions. Unfortunately, profit thieves also have the ability to utilize cyberspace from anywhere on Earth. They hijack or counterfeit Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASIN), a number that is assigned to every product displayed on its site. Once this number is compromised, the profit from the sale goes to the thieves, not the seller.

Does Amazon Have Security for Your Products?

Amazon recently released its Brand Registry 2.0 in answer to the numerous cyber threats encountered by users on its website. Besides new conveniences for product display, registering your brand on Amazon is supposed to make it easier for sellers to prove a product belongs to them.

In the past, it has been difficult for Amazon to distinguish between a legitimate seller and an ASIN hijacker. Even though this is an improvement, it is still a far cry from security. If sellers have to prove to Amazon that they are legitimate, chances are, it is because their brand has already been copied or their profits have already been stolen. The only way to prevent a huge loss is by constantly monitoring your product’s ASIN for illicit activity, which Amazon does not currently do.

Monitoring ASINs

Brandlox, a software designed to make listing products on Amazon more secure, is the answer to ASIN monitoring. Brandlox can monitor up to 2,000 ASINs, but most importantly, the software will send immediate alerts to sellers or brand owners when these ASINs are compromised. This process works with or without Amazon’s Brand Registry 2.0, but either way, offers a lot more in the way of security. Brandlox even has the tools to generate and distribute a legal Cease and Desist Order to the individuals threatening your profit. The software also distinguishes between ASIN hijackers and authorized third-party sellers so you know that every alert involves a legitimate threat to your product’s security.

A Monitoring Money Saver

Brandlox gives a cost effective method of providing security for your Amazon-listed products offering packages that start as low as $29 per month. All of the packages include the monitoring of multiple ASINs, alerts when an ASIN is compromised, and the ability to test purchase products.

When you use Brandlox to test purchase one of your products on Amazon, you can literally see the payment path of a potential purchase. This enables sellers to guarantee that their profits end up in the right place. Brandlox itself can be tested before you commit to one of its packages. A 10-day free trial is offered for users to explore the benefits of Brandlox’s security. Both the free trial and any one of Brandlox’s packages can be cancelled at any time without penalty.

For more information, visit Brandlox’s website, or e-mail any questions you might have. If you have immediate questions, a customer service representative can be reached at (866) 848-6072. Start your free trial today!

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