Does Amazon Actually Protect Your Brand on with the New Brand Registry 2.0?

June 28, 2017

What's the Best Amazon Brand Protection and Monitoring ToolThe Amazon online market is full of benefits for both buyers and sellers. It provides a convenient method for consumer shopping, as well as an economic storefront for sellers who may not have the property to distribute their products. One misconception that is often shared among those who list their products on Amazon is that it provides security for your brand name and products. While Amazon may have security to protect its own website and financial information, it currently does very little to protect the profits of sellers.

Amazon Security

Amazon’s new Brand Registry 2.0 is the company’s latest attempt at protecting products offered on its site. The goal of this new security is for sellers to be able to prove to Amazon that they actually own a product being sold. This can be very helpful, undoubtedly, but one glaring question still remains: Who alerts the sellers when their products are being counterfeited?

How much of a loss will you take before you have the convenience of proving to Amazon that you’re actually the seller, not a thief? Amazon had this to say in a statement with the release of its Brand Registry 2.0: “Enrolling a brand in the Brand Registry and registering as the brand owner does not prevent other sellers from selling the branded products.” There are options, however, to increase a seller’s chance of receiving immediate alerts and taking action when a product is being counterfeited.

Amazon’s Security Supplement

Brandlox, a software program designed specifically to work on Amazon product protection, is currently the best supplement to the security already offered. In fact, Brandlox alone can handle all of the security needs of anyone listing a product on Amazon. Brandlox monitors a product’s Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), which is assigned to every individual product listed on its site.

Hackers and counterfeiters manipulate a product’s ASIN to receive profits from other people’s product sales. Brandlox monitors the ASIN and immediately sends out alerts whenever it is being hijacked. The alerts happen immediately when infringement. This is where Brandlox stays a step ahead of the Amazon Brand Registry 2.0. A seller’s responsibility of catching the theft as it happens is now in the hands of Brandlox software, and it will continue to monitor your product as long as it is listed on Amazon.

Other Compliments

Brandlox complements Amazon’s security by allowing the seller to not only monitor products for unauthorized use, but also monitor third-party sellers whose businesses have been tasked with helping distribute its products. This allows sellers to not only distinguish between authorized and unauthorized distributors, but it also allows them to monitor third-party listings to insure proper brand representation.

As Affordable As Amazon

Amazon’s brand registry can be pricey, but the real cost comes when ASIN hijackers steal profits that you rely on to make your business thrive. Brandlox offers packages that start at $29 per month and can be cancelled at anytime without penalty, making it an affordable option for your product security. Even the lowest package monitors up to 100 ASINs, identifies unauthorized sellers and sends out immediate alerts when an ASIN infringement occurs. Brandlox now offers a free 10-day trial so sellers who list their products on Amazon can see the immediate benefit of the software without any financial risk.
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