How to Stop Copyright and Counterfeit Infringements on Amazon for Your Product ASINs

June 30, 2017

Stop Profit Infringement on Your Amazon Products

As profitable as the Amazon online marketplace can be for sellers, unfortunately, it can be just as dangerous. Many who have listed products on Amazon in hopes of reaching a wider market and bigger payout have fallen victim to counterfeiters and cyber thieves. These hackers counterfeit a product’s Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) so that the purchase path from the sale is illegally redirected.

Another possibility is that a brand or product idea can be copied and sold at a lower price than the original seller. When this occurs, the original seller loses the privilege of displaying the “buy now with one click” option. All of these risks can lead to a tremendous loss in profit and can cause doubts in the minds of sellers who want to expand their product’s visibility.

Can Amazon’s Security Protect My Brand or Product?

Amazon recently released its answer to the many security threats plaguing the online storefront with Brand Registry 2.0. Those sellers who utilize this resource can apply to register their brand or products, so it is easier to prove they are the original seller. While this new tool can be helpful, there are two glaring issues with it being tasked to handle a product’s overall security.

First, the application process for the brand registry can take time, leaving your product in its original vulnerable position while awaiting approval. Second, individuals typically will only need to prove to Amazon that they are the original seller if their brand is already compromised. Once an ASIN has been manipulated or a brand has been copied, an irreversible amount of damage may have already occurred before Amazon verifies the original seller. In other words, the brand registry works best when your product has already been heavily compromised.

Can Other Security Work With Amazon?

A security gate, so to speak, has been designed to specifically provide security for Amazon-listed products.

Brandlox is a software program that monitors a product on Amazon where it is most vulnerable—it’s ASIN. If an ASIN is manipulated while sellers are utilizing Brandlox protection, an alert is immediately sent to the original seller of the product. The alert can be received from something as basic as a handheld mobile device. Many sellers list multiple products on Amazon, which can be impossible to monitor. Brandlox offers packages that monitor from 100 to 2,000 ASINs. Once you begin utilizing the software, you can rest easy knowing all of your ASINs are being constantly monitored.

How Else Can Brandlox Help Monitor My Product?

Sellers often use third-party distributors, making it necessary to distinguish between those who are legitimately assigned to use a product’s ASIN and those who are out to steal your profits. Brandlox can recognize the difference and won’t interfere with authorized vendors. While Brandlox monitors for both legitimate and illegal use, sometimes, additional measures need to be taken to protect your sales on Amazon.

Tools are available to generate and release a legal Cease and Desist Order to whoever is threatening your profits. This resource can be utilized as much as necessary, saving costly legal fees that are required to stop illicit use of your product’s ASIN or brand.
Free 10-day trials are available for all Brandlox packages, which start as low as $29 per month and each package has no cancellation fee. For more information about Brandlox, visit our website or e-mail us with your questions. To speak to a Brandlox customer service representative, call 866-882-8484 or contact us online today!

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