How to Know Who’s Authorized to Sell Your Amazon Product

April 22, 2017

How to Know Who’s Authorized to Sell Your Amazon ProductBrandlox Prevents Unauthorized Amazon Product Use

In the past, selling your product without some type of face-to-face meeting with the public was almost impossible. Today, it has become the fastest way to increase a business’ profitability. In a cyber marketplace, such as Amazon, a seller can offer a product to a global audience at a minimal cost. With the increased product exposure offered on Amazon, however, a seller is often also exposed to counterfeiting and brand theft. A new app, Brandlox, offers an innovative way to keep profits where they belong. Brandlox is currently the only product that protects sellers on Amazon against unauthorized use and alerts them immediately so that action can be taken.

The Brandlox Security System

Brandlox monitors your Amazon-listed product at its roots – the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). An ASIN is assigned to every product listed on Amazon, and this number can be hijacked so that someone else has the ability to receive a profit from your product. Brandlox monitors the ASIN and alerts a seller to any unauthorized use of this number. If unauthorized use of a product continues, Brandlox has the tools to generate a legal Cease and Desist Order to discourage any further illicit profits. Brandlox not only acts a 24-hour monitor, but also serves as an active participant in a company’s brand protection.


Brandlox is versatile enough to serve as a tool for a small start-up business and large enough to handle the needs of a large company that requires the monitoring of a large number of ASINs. Not only does provide the resources to prevent unauthorized use of an ASIN, it also allows sellers to monitor those who are authorized to use their product’s ASIN. This serves as a useful tool when gauging the success of product sales, and allows a business to all three packages offered by Brandlox that include the monitoring of up to 100 ASINs, the tools to identify and deal with unauthorized sellers, and alerts when a new seller joins using your product’s ASIN. Packages start as low as $29 per month and can be canceled at any time without penalty. A pro-rated fee will even be refunded if the month has not been completed.


Having protection for your Amazon-listed product doesn’t take a security team. All it takes is a mobile device armed with the Brandlox app. Volusion, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and Zapier are among some of the platforms that Brandlox works with. It is unlikely that any additional expenses beyond your mobile device will be incurred when choosing Brandlox for online brand protection. The software is constantly being improved and updated on a regular basis to keep up with changing technology, so businesses can concentrate on their products while Brandlox keep providing the most up-to-date monitoring and brand protection.

Is This Really Needed?

While Amazon offers a wonderful venue to display your products, it does not offer any protection. Brandlox does, however, work in the Amazon marketplace to monitor the ASIN of your products to ensure immediate security. No other application currently offers this service, which means until Brandlox was introduced, products remained vulnerable on Amazon and counterfeiters flourished. If any business wants to release its product on Amazon, it should be coupled with Brandlox security. This protection, coupled with the ability to monitor the use of authorized sellers, makes Brandlox a convenient multi-purpose business tool.
Every day a product is listed on Amazon without Brandlox, sellers remains vulnerable to counterfeiters who will hijack their ASINs and their profit. Protection for Amazon-listed products starts with visiting Brandlox. For more information, e-mail Brandlox or contact us online.

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