Have Your Amazon Sales Dropped? Find Out Why

April 23, 2017

Have Your Amazon Sales Dropped? Find Out WhyThe scenario is all too familiar. Your sales on Amazon are starting to pick up. Each month, your sales are getting better and better, and before long you’ll be reaching your goal. But just as your sales are really taking off, your numbers start dropping. What happened?

Counterfeiters Steal Profits

The most common reason for a sudden drop in sales is that an unauthorized seller is selling a counterfeit version of your product for a few cents less than you are. Amazon makes it easy for consumers to choose the lowest price seller of a product without regard to the authenticity of the product or of the seller. They list the prices from various sellers in ascending order and consumers can just click on the lowest price. This is good for the consumer, but not for the seller. You could be losing thousands of dollars in sales to someone who’s using your Amazon Standard Identification Number without your authorization.

Brandlox Can Protect You

Brandlox lets you monitor the sellers who are authorized to use your ASIN and identify those who are not. It will guard your brand against counterfeiters, unauthorized resellers, and those who would infringe on your copyright or patent. Brandlox monitors the use of all your ASINs and immediately alerts you to fraudulent use.

Take Action

It’s important to take immediate, forceful action against counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers. Once you determine that an unauthorized seller is stealing your sales, you can use Brandlox’s Cease and Desist letter, written by attorneys, to put the counterfeiters on notice. Follow up by generating and tracking test purchases, and, if necessary, file an infringement report with Amazon.

Monitor All Your ASINs

Brandlox uses proprietary technology to monitor ASINs for listings by unauthorized sellers, and to instantly view all sellers who are currently active. Sellers can be categorized as authorized or unauthorized by the ASIN owner. If you have more than 15 ASINs, you need Brandlox.

Amazon Can’t Protect You

Amazon has recently come under fire for the increase in counterfeit products, and they’re aware of the problem. Their solution has been to fine counterfeit sellers $1,000 to $1,500, and to require more documentation from sellers they suspect of being unauthorized. This can be a drop in the bucket for a counterfeiter and certainly doesn’t deter them from knocking off your brand. Amazon takes the counterfeiting problem seriously, but no one has more of a vested interest in protecting your business than you do. You need to proactively take action if someone is stealing your profits.

Protect Your Brand

You have worked hard to build your brand. Don’t let counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers steal your profits. If you have more than 15 ASINs, you need Brandlox. You can learn more and contact us at Brandlox. Keep counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers from stealing your profits. Get Brandlox and protect your brand and all you’ve worked for. You can email us or call us at 1-866-882-8484 today.


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