<span>Amazon Brand Registry</span>

What You Need to Know About MAP Pricing on Amazon
What You Need to Know About MAP Pricing on Amazon
January 11, 2018

Price competition has been one of the most decisive factors in the development of e-commerce. Even before Amazon arrived on the scene ...

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Things to Avoid When Picking ASINS
The Difference Between Brand Registry & Brand Gating
December 19, 2017

Every major enterprise on the rise is bound to experience growing pains as it seeks expansion. Uber, the personal transportation servi ...

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A Complete Guide on How to Use Amazon’s Brand Registry
October 20, 2017

When Amazon introduced its Brand Registry program a couple of years ago, the issue of unauthorized sellers, counterfeiters, and drop s ...

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Amazon Brand Registry to Protect Your ASINs from Unauthorized and Fake Sellers
April 15, 2017

Since its inception, Amazon has become the Wild West of the online marketplace. While it has provided many opportunities for those who ...

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