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How Do Amazon Sellers Protect Their Brand & Products?
What is Brand Gating and is it Good for Your Brand?
December 21, 2017

Ever since Amazon opened its Brand Gating program to all sellers in 2016, e-commerce analysts have discussed the merits and potential ...

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Things to Avoid When Picking ASINS
The Difference Between Brand Registry & Brand Gating
December 19, 2017

Every major enterprise on the rise is bound to experience growing pains as it seeks expansion. Uber, the personal transportation servi ...

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3 Ways to Protect Your Amazon Listings from Hijackers
December 14, 2017

After the busiest holiday shopping season since 2011, e-commerce giant Amazon once again posted record numbers as it managed to captur ...

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How to Determine if Your Amazon ASINs are Being Hijacked
Protect Your Amazon Product Listings, ASINs and Brand Name
June 30, 2017

Theft has always been a concern for any business wanting to maximize profit from its product sales. Historically, product theft in ...

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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Amazon ASINs
How Does Amazon Brand Registry to Protect Your ASINs from Unauthorized and Fake Sellers?
May 30, 2017

Since its inception, Amazon has become the Wild West of the online marketplace. While it has provided many opportunities for those who ...

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