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How MAP Pricing Violation Affects Authorized Retailers & Consumers
Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Brand and Sales on Amazon
June 08, 2017

At this point in time, numerous strategies have been presented regarding how to use Amazon for displaying and selling products in a gl ...

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How to Protect Your Trademarked Brand on Amazon
May 31, 2017

The Amazon marketplace offers both businesses and individuals an opportunity to present products to a global audience at a low cos ...

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Selling Products on Amazon, What You Need to Know
May 30, 2017

What is Amazon Brand Registry? The Amazon Brand Registry can help you protect your registered trademarks on Amazon. It allows you to ...

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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Amazon ASINs
How Does Amazon Brand Registry to Protect Your ASINs from Unauthorized and Fake Sellers?
May 30, 2017

Since its inception, Amazon has become the Wild West of the online marketplace. While it has provided many opportunities for those who ...

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How to Monitor Your Amazon ASINs Daily for Fraudulent Use
May 24, 2017

The Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is a vendor's lifeline to all of their Amazon-listed products. For every new product ...

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Negative Effects of Counterfeit and Fake Sellers on Your Amazon ASIN Listings
May 22, 2017

Success story upon success story can be found about how vendors have used Amazon's global marketplace to launch their products in a wa ...

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3 Things You Should Do Before You Sell on Amazon
May 16, 2017

Amazon offers a number of convenient features that attract sellers to utilize this resource for product sales and distribution. Before ...

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Have Your Amazon Sales Dropped? Find Out Why
April 23, 2017

The scenario is all too familiar. Your sales on Amazon are starting to pick up. Each month, your sales are getting better and better, ...

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How to Know Who’s Authorized to Sell Your Amazon Product
April 22, 2017

Brandlox Prevents Unauthorized Amazon Product Use In the past, selling your product without some type of face-to-face meeting with th ...

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